Recover Powders

Recover Powders


NEW! Available to ship Fall 2019.
Ruby Vitality Antioxidant, now rebranded as Recover by Nochtli SuperiorFruit, is available in powder packets. Recover is a Nochtli award-winning prickly pear supplement that’s made with 90% cactus ingredients to help fight against inflammation, boost energy and balance blood sugar levels. This nutrient-rich, prickly pear powder supplement is formulated to enhance the superior antioxidants of the prickly pear fruit, which is the nopal cactus fruit that’s best known for its anti-inflammatory and detoxification qualities.

  • Supports healthy inflammation response and muscle recovery*

  • Supports joint and cartilage health*

  • Helps the body detox. Natural energy increase*

  • Supports cell health and cellular detoxification*


  • Made with 90% prickly pear cactus ingredients

  • Natural Electrolytes

  • Wild-harvested

  • Non-GMO

  • Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Kosher

  • No nuts or soy

  • No artificial color or flavoring, no additives or fillers

  • 6 powder sachets per pack

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Vibrant in color and taste! Add Nochtli Recover prickly pear powder sachet to:

  • Fruit juice

  • Water

  • Smoothies

  • Cocktails

  • Kombucha

Powerful antioxidants:
Betalains, Quercetin, Isorhamnetin