Ruby Vitality Antioxidant

Ruby Vitality Antioxidant


This proprietary blend is formulated to enhance the superior antioxidant activity of the Ruby Red Prickly Pear, the fruit of the nopal cactus, best known for its anti-inflammatory and detoxification qualities. The uniquely present and naturally occurring taurine in the fruit helps keep you alert and energized.

Ruby Vitality Antioxidant features multiple cultivars of ruby red prickly pear, including our wild-harvested Sonoran Desert and our exclusive Great Basin variety, creating a wellness synergy available no where else. 


Powerfull antioxidants:
Betalains, Quercetin, Isorhamnetin

Helps support:
Anti-inflammatory fighting power*
Joint and cartilage health*
Natural energy increase*
Healthy cell growth & cellular detoxification*


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