Emerald 4 Pack

Emerald 4 Pack


A proprietary blend featuring our signature nopal cactus pads. While the vegetative portion of the nopal has received less popular attention, one should not discount its potential to help keep blood sugar and cholesterol levels in check. In fact, many of the nutritive benefits people experience from consuming red prickly pears are better realized from the green nopal pads.

Deliciously blended with our naturally sweet tasting, Sonoran Emerald Green varieties of prickly pears, you would never realize you are drinking a cactus based supplement.* 


Unique phytonutrients:
Bioflavanoids & complex polysaccharides

Helps support:
Healthy blood-glucose balance*
Weight management*
Cardiovascular health*
Cholesterol level management already within the normal range*

Shipping within the USA is included in the price ( about $18 Value)




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