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Introducing Nochtli SuperiorFruit Cactus Water

2019’s Natural Electrolyte Booster
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Cactus Water

NEW! Move over coconut water! There’s a new drink in town. Wild-harvested, vegan, and non-GMO, Nochti SuperiorFruit 500ml. cactus water drink is made with more than 99% cactus ingredients and contains all five naturally occurring antioxidants that help hydrate and detox the body. Helps:

  • Reduce the body’s inflammation

  • Improve energy and hydration through natural electrolytes

  • Promote cell health and detoxification

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Nochtli SuperiorFruit Energy, Recover & Wellness Debut

Introducing our NEW Energy prickly pear energy supplement. Plus, on-the-go sizes, powders and extracts of all your favorite re-branded Nochtli prickly pear supplements. Learn more!



Centuries ago, before becoming one of the most powerful civilizations in the western hemisphere, the Aztec people were facing drought and famine.  Forced to look for a new home, the Aztecs searched for 200 years until their leaders received a vision telling of where to find a safe and sustainable seat for their people.  Following their prophecy, the Aztecs built Tenochtitlan, "the [place of] prickly pear among rocks".

Today Tenochtitlan is the site of Mexico City.  The depiction of the legend of the Aztec founding of the city can be seen on the Mexican national flag, an eagle holding a snake sitting atop a prickly pear cactus.  You have heard about the amazing benefits offered by prickly pear and nopal on television, magazines, and maybe even friends - and now for the first time is available direct to you.

Nochtli™ (nŌkt-lee) was the Aztec word for this amazing cactus plant with its two, nutrient-rich components: succulent nopal pads and beautiful prickly pear fruits.  The Aztecs flourished relying on their bounty of prickly pear cacti as important sources of nutrition and support for their overall health.



Not all fruits and varieties are created equally.  Paragon Fruits sent scientists and engineers to scour the world for the best possible raw materials.  Nochtli™ supplements are formulated with a blend of the very best prickly pear ingredients.  Period.  Our goal is to create a product that captures every wholesome aspect of this cactus that we love:  its berry and melon taste, its remarkable colors, and the vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other healthy phytonutrients that make prickly pear a smart addition to your diet.  

We source Opuntia ficus-indica and Opuntia streptacantha for our Nochtli™ Superiorfruit™ concentrates, combining the fruits and pads grown from the lands the Aztecs once called home, the Sonoran Desert, with those from the USA and around the world to ensure maximum nutrition.  By formulating with both wild-harvested and cultivated ingredients from different biomes, we achieve a product with an optimal healthy profile that you will look forward to enjoying each day! 



Paragon Fruits, Inc. proudly formulates all of our Nochtli™ Superiorfruit™ products to be

  • Over 99% Natural and Pure, non-GMO, and 100% Vegan

  • A “Whole Food"
  • Free from Fillers or non-active juices which includes no Added Water, Colors, or Sweeteners/Sugar
  • Free of Gluten, Soy, Dairy, and Nuts
  • BPA Free
  • Bottled in the USA/product of the USA
  • Part of all proceeds is used to support a 100% volunteer, K-12 science education program for public, private, and home-schooled students called “Young Scientist Roundtable".

Ruby Vitality Antioxidant Info

  • Healthy Inflammation Response*
  • Cartilage & Joint Health*
  • Natural Energy Increase*
  • Healthy cell Growth*
  • Cellular Detoxification*

Emerald Body Balance Info

  • Healthy Inflammation Response*
  • Healthy Blood-Sugar Metabolism*
  • Cardiovascular Health*
  • Healthy Cholesterol levels already in normal range*

Live a fruit-filled life!



The best fruits and vegetables are useless ingredients unless they are processed with care.  Paragon Fruits blends modern technology with old fashioned, tender loving care.  We hand harvest and inspect all of our ingredients to ensure they are picked at their peak nutrition and left unharmed and intact during harvest.  Nochtli™ is manufactured in an ultra-modern, high-tech, U.S. facility specializing in nutritious consumer products.  Our food scientists, farmers, and engineers work with the processor to make sure that our raw materials are handled with the rigor that ensures food safety but also with the gentleness that retains the nutrients, color, and flavor of prickly pear and nopal.  

Nochtli™ is aseptically packed to provide the convenience of a shelf stable product.  We take every step possible (including steps others choose to skip) to ensure you get to enjoy the peak flavor and nutrition of prickly pear and nopal with every sip of Nochtli™.  After you open a bottle, store it in the refrigerator as you would fresh fruits and vegetables to preserve the taste and nutrition.  Here’s to your health!



When you want to feed yourself and your loved ones only the healthiest ingredients, grocery shopping can be hard.  Many bottles with fruits pictured on the label contain a small amount of juice and a lot of less desirable stuff.  We don’t believe that Mother Nature needs much help from us, so our Nochtli™ Superiorfruit products are only packed with all natural fruit and vegetable juices and purées.  Why change what Mother Nature has already perfected?

Nochtli™  SuperiorFruit™  Concentrate is a proprietary blend of prickly pear fruits and nopal pads designed to meld nutrition and good taste at the highest levels.  We NEVER add water, sugar, color, or artificial sweeteners.  Nor do we dilute the value of prickly pear with other juices or syrups like apple, pear, agave or grape.  

We believe in having a simple label, and when you sip Nochtli™, you are getting a liquid supplement that has integrity—because what you put in your body matters.”

As nature intended:

  • NO added Water
  • NO added colors or artificial flavors
  • NO added sugars, syrups or sweeteners
  • FREE of non-functional ‘filler’ juices
  • FREE of gluten, nuts, dairy and soy