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Paragon Fruits, Inc. strongly believes children are the future.  With pride we support Science Education of tomorrows leaders.  Paragon Fruits donates a part of all profits to support “Young Scientist Roundtable" a 100% volunteer, K-12 science education program for public, private, and home-schooled students that has been helping educate the youth for over 26 years.  

natural prickly pear & nopal


Cactus corner

“What is the best way to take Nochtli™?” is something we get asked fairly often. To help out, my brother and I put together some tips and tricks along with our favorite ways to enjoy Nochtli. 

Like all supplements, your mileage may vary. We encourage you to try different things and discover what works best for you! Create something cool? Share it with us and the Nochtli™ family!

Nochtli™ is a concentrate without ANY added fillers, bulking agents, or water (how many supplements or foods can say that?), ideally you’d consume a few ounces of Nochtli daily.  When speaking with users we found that most  of them like to enjoy it once or twice a day. A couple ounces in the morning and then again at night should do it. This is especially true if you’re just starting out with Nochtli – a period known as the ‘loading’ phase. Most natural supplements (Nochtli included) take a little bit before the optimal benefits are realized.

For starters, you can’t overdose per se, at least not in the way that people commonly use the word. But like everything else, don’t overdo it. So what happens if you were to … drink an entire bottle of Nochtli™ in one sitting? Well, have you ever eaten a salad that had a lot of beets on it?  Notice anything the next morning? The bright red phytochemicals in Prickly Pear are very similar to those found in beets… so yes, you may be in for a surprise, but no it’s not considered harmful.   

While all of our products are great on their own, if you’re truly going for all the amazing benefits of this amazing cactus, many of our loyal consumers enjoy mixing both Nochtli™ Ruby Vitality and Nochtli™ Emerald Body Balance together. We have friends and customers who swear by mixing the two in equal parts and enjoying. In fact, I often keep a “pre-mixed” bottle of 50% Ruby and 50% Emerald in my fridge at home. Other friends like the energy afforded and the cleansing effect of Emerald in the morning and then later in the day, level off their body with Ruby.

There’s almost no wrong way to enjoy Nochtli!  However, for the best results, make sure not to skip doses or days entirely.  Check out our fun smoothie and other recipes if you’d like some tips on how to integrate Nochtli into your daily routine.

Let us know how Nochtli is working for you – and share how you enjoy Nochtli™ with us so we can share it with the world.  Here’s to your health!



While Nochtli tastes delicious all on its own, it can still be fun to mix it into other fresh drinks. Some healthy (and a couple just for fun) ideas to get your mixology hats on. All of the following recipes are perfect for a single serving. Simple put all of the ingredients in a blender and process until you have a well-mixed, creamy and delicious treat. If you’d like to have more to share, just double (or triple) the amounts we’ve suggested.


The Classic Nochtli Smoothie

While everyone who makes smoothies likely has their own ‘perfect’ formula; however, after getting so many requests for something simple to try, we wanted to provide a pretty basic (and delicious) smoothie recipe for you to get started. You can get pretty creative with this one! Swap out or add ingredients to customize it to you!

1 c plain nonfat or regular yogurt
1 banana
½ up spinach
1/4 c orange juice
4-6 frozen strawberries
8-12 frozen blueberries
1-3 oz of Nochtli, Ruby Vitality or Emerald Body Balance

Nochtli Dreamsickle

Here’s one of our user’s take on a classic, the orange creamsicle, but in smoothie form and featuring Nochtli.

1 orange, peeled
¼ c fat-free or regular yogurt
1 Tbsp frozen orange juice concentrate
¼ tsp vanilla extract
4 ice cubes
1-3 oz of Nochtli Ruby Vitality


Nochtli Mango Energy

Here’s another great suggestion we’ve received from a Nochtli user who likes making Nochtli part of their workout routine

2 c spinach or kale
1 c frozen mango
½ c baby carrots
½ c coconut water
¼ c orange juice
2 tangerine or mandarin oranges, peeled
½ c plain yogurt
2 oz Nochtli Emerald Body Balance


If you’d like to share a recipe or a story on how you like using Nochtli, please contact us, we’d love to hear!


When starting any new dietary supplement, please make sure to speak to your healthcare professional, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, have food allergies, or on any medications.